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Welcome to our Coastal Management Resources page, dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of coastal management. Addressing the multifaceted challenges of coastal zones involves considerations spanning social, economic, environmental, health, and cultural realms. Numerous organisations are diligently researching and managing various facets of coastal dynamics. This page serves as a valuable signpost, directing you to crucial information encompassing all aspects of our Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) frontage. In the near future, we are excited to share the outcomes of research projects funded by our Coastal Group, providing insights that contribute to sustainable and effective coastal management practices. Explore the wealth of resources gathered here to enhance your understanding of the complexities inherent in preserving our coastal environments.


Other Welsh Coastal Groups

West of Wales Coastal Group Area Map.
The Severn Estuary Coastal Group Logo.
The North West and North Wales Coastal Group Logo.
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