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The SMP20 Area

The SMP20 area spans over 460km from Lavernock Point in the Vale of Glamorgan to St Anne's Head in Pembrokeshire. The area is steeped in natural beauty, ecological importance, history, and culture. Our area is well and truly "lived in", with coastal cities and towns, industrial complexes and universities sitting side by side with castles, hill-forts and Roman ruins. Despite a dense population, the human-environment interface is profound along this coastline, with a long history of fishing, cockling, farming, mining, industrial shipping, warfare, and artwork.

With iconic natural landscapes and ecological hotspots including the Welsh Jurassic Coast, the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and Pembrokeshire National Park interspersed with industrial landscapes such as the landmark Tata Steelworks, Swansea City, Llanelli town, Pembroke dock port and Milford Haven Harbour, our frontage poses a unique challenge to change the narrative on coastal management to provide sustainable and equitable outcomes whilst navigating the intricacies of a rich natural environment and thousands of years of history.

This dashboard contains information about the SMP20 area, and data from our projects. For more information on our projects, click here.

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